Create a unique show experience by having multiple groups perform on the same stage. All you have to is flip a switch and you can listen to the band you want to hear.

  • Bring an immersive concert sound experience to multiple stages or a single stage

  • Headphones allow multiple performers to perform at same time

  • No expensive Speaker Systems

  • Concerts in public areas with no sound systems

  • You can adjust the volume and sit as close/far from the stage

  • Sound doesn’t disturb the public

  • Full Stereo Sound – Left and Right

  • Record label Branding / Company Branding on the headphones




Craft shows or put on a pop up improve show. Limitless possibilities for a stage production of any size.

  • Use our headphones to deliver an immersive show experience

  • Use the headphones to have an outdoor theater experience without expensive sound equipment

  • Provide different viewing languages by using the different channels on the headphones

  • Company branding on the headphones

  • Ad space for sponsors and companies participating in the sporting event

  • Playwrights can design a show using the headphones

  • Usage of belt clip system provides a great communication device for stage hands, cast and crew